Tips to clear JAM Session

8:14 AM

Topic: Few Tips to clear JAM Session.


Just a minute is the program that one should speak about a topic in a minute without any preparation.This program is useful for all the languages to improve your speaking skills, smartness. The most important advantages in JAM is to know about yourself with in one minute, like command on language, smartness, managing skills, convincing skills,etc.,The main and most important objective of JAM is  to present or speak about a particular issue or topic in one minute of time. 

Tips to be followed in JAM.:

1. grammar mistakes may be but only up to 5% of your presentation.
2. Use only the following structures.
         * Simple present tense and V5 form(ex:comes).
         * Present perfect tense
         * Simple past and verb in V2 form.
         * Simple future -will/shall can be used.
         * Model assulary verbs(can,should could,would)
3. Do not repeat your ideas.
4. Maximum cases avoid using "and" word.
5. Content should be simple and good.
6. Never use Negative Words or Sentences.
7. Avoid saying "but".
8. Use the following word
       * However
       * Defiantly
       * Certainly
9. Avoid saying particular names and religion names
10. Conclusion can start with the following words.
       * Hence
       * Therefore
       * Overall
       * In short
       * In brief
       * In a bird eye view
       * I conclude that
11. Fluency and Pronunciation plays an crucial role in your presentation.
12. No breaks and pauses in you sentence. It should be continue. 
13. Suggestions must be at the end of the conclusion. 

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